Chandrayaan-2 will be launching from Sriharikota, space center and sitting home can also see the live telecast

Chandrayaan-II mission of the Indian Space Research Center (ISRO) will be launched from Satish Dhawan Center of Sriharikota on July 22, 2019, at 2:30 pm. It will be launched from India’s most powerful GSLV Mark-III rocket. This rocket will have three modules orbiter, lander (Vikram) and rover (Pragyan). Its launch can also be seen from Sriharikota’s Satish Dhawan Space Center’s Launch View Gallery. For this, the online registration process is being started today (July 19) at 6 p.m. Also, it will be able to watch live broadcasts on different platforms.

Live telecast from the launch view gallery

If you want to see Chandan-2 Mission’s launching event from the launch view gallery of Satish Dhawan Space Center of Sriharikota, then it will have to register by going to . Which are starting from 6 o’clock today. The nearest railway station to reach here is Sullurapeta. Sriharikota is 18 kilometers away from here. Here’s the Launch View Gallery small stadium, which can accommodate 5000 spectators. For any inquiries, you can contact + 91-7382768500, or you can mail it to [email protected].

Live telecast on Doordarshan

Live telecast of the Chandrayaan-2 mission will also be shown on Doordarshan. This type of mission on Doordarshan is done with live telecast commentary. Live telecasting time will be the subsidiary.

Live telecast on youtube

If you are out of the house or away from the TV, you can still watch the live telecast of Chandrayaan-2 mission. For this, you have to go to Doordarshan National, the official channel of Doordarshan on your computer, laptop, smartphone or tablet. Doordarshan has 1.1 million (about 1, 10, thousand) subscribers.

Live on the social platform

The Chandrayaan-2 mission will also be broadcast live on the website of Indian Space Research Center (ISRO). The space agency will also stream live on Isro’s social platform like Twitter and Facebook. I.e. also on and

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