Chinese hackers target Indian healthcare site, steal 68 lakh records of patients and doctors

US-based cybersecurity firm FireI reported in its report on Thursday that hackers had stolen about 68 lakh records targeting the Indian healthcare website, which included personal information of patients and doctors. According to the report, most of the hackers are from China. It is stealing data that is selling health organizations and web portals in international markets including India.

According to a FireEye report, a hacker named FallenSky 519 targeted an Indian healthcare website that stole nearly 68 lakh records, including patient and doctors’ information, the patient’s health report and their personal information.

According to FireI’s Intelligence team, a number of health-related databases were available for sale in the black market from 1 October 2018 to 31 March 2019, some of which were priced below Rs 1.50 lakh. He further said that this time many Chinese Advanced Persistent Threat Group (APT) are focusing more on health-related research. These include research specifically related to cancer. According to another report, the number of cancer deaths in China has increased rapidly in the last few decades.

At the same time, the other aspect of this is also being seen in relation to finance, because of the People’s Republic of China (PRC0 is the fastest-growing pharma company in the world. To get new medicines to market before other pharma companies, such companies will study And resorts to research.

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