Divyang scientist makes smart stick, its voice assistant tells the user to speak

Turkish Divyang scientist Kursat Selan has designed smart sticks for people who have lost eye light. Equipped with modern technology, this stick gives way to the Divyang by speaking. It is named WeWalk.

This stick also gives information about shops and buildings on the way. It has several advanced sensors, which alert the user when there is any kind of obstacle on the way. Selon Young is the co-founder of Guru Academy.

Once charged, stick works for 5 hours

  • Equipped with smart technology, WeWalk speaks to the disabled about the things around. Apart from this built-in speaker, smartphone integration system, it is equipped with many types of sensors, which alert the user when there is an obstacle.
  • The WeWalk device has an electronic handle. With the help of ultrasonic sensors, it detects any obstruction coming from the foot to the chest and alerts the user by vibrating the handle.
  • Users can connect it to a smartphone. It supports Google Map and Voice Assistant feature. Built-in speakers in it tell the user about the shops and buildings on the way, which he cannot see.
  • WeWalk is based on open platform technology, which means it can be connected to a smartphone through any third-party app. It is also being considered to link it with the Riding App and Transportation Service to further improve its navigation capability.
  • It will work with both Android and iOS devices. It has a USB input, with the help of which it can be charged. When fully charged, it can be used for 5 hours. Its price is about 35 thousand rupees.

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