Electric Highway built for reducing pollution, trucks run by electricity like a train

Germany has introduced a new way of reducing pollution from trains. E-Highway is being prepared for the first time in the country at a cost of $ 60 million (Rs 544 crore). The government has also recently tested the 10-km long highway between Frankfurt Airport and the nearby Industrial Park. The trucks specifically designed in it, like train engines, carry electricity from the cable on the road above the road.

This system was developed by German company Siemens. According to scientists, this is the first test of its kind to reduce pollution. The motor has been installed in the trucks, which carry electricity from the cable. The trucks can run at a speed of 90 kilometers per hour by electric cable power.

This system will also benefit the economy

Siemens claims that this system saves a lot of energy than fuel-powered trucks. According to the company, it can save up to 17 thousand pounds (16 lakh rupees) of the transporter against normal fuel when running one lakh kilometers every year. Also, the emission of carbon dioxide and nitrogen dioxide can be reduced. Where highways will not be electric, these trucks can run from normal fuel. The government has imposed Rs 536 crore in the preparation of these trucks.

Sachin Gill
Sachin Gill

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