Serious patients will be able to monitor from the wireless system, no need to be hospitalized

Patients suffering from serious illness will soon be able to get rid of the wiring of the stars, which are used to monitor the signals from their essential organs. This would be possible with a new kind of radar system. This can be done through small appliances from cell phones. In the new technology, the heart rate and breathing rate will be recorded by catching sensitive radar waves and will be analyzed by a digital signal processing unit.

Study radar unit installed on roof of 50 patients

Researchers at the University of Waterloo in Canada have created this wireless device to monitor the movements of patients with sleep apnea. George Sheker, professor of engineering at Waterloo, told that he has made the entire complex process wireless. Now you do not even have to be admitted to the hospital for this. You can monitor the disease at home and more than once.

In the study conducted by the University’s Aging Research Institute, the radar unit was installed on the roof for 50 patients. The waves coming out of the patient’s body were sent to the radar unit by analyzing this device and analyzing them again. Data obtained through this kind of data and wire has more than 90 percent resemblance.

Research Associate Mustafa Alijdeh, who is associated with this study, said that radar was first used to monitor heart rate in the uncontrolled environment and the result was also accurate. The people who tested this were given sleep in any position for eight hours according to their wishes.

Researchers are now researching how they can use this technique in hospitals to monitor all types of patients. The advantage of this system is that it does not use any kind of camera, which also keeps the patient’s privacy. Also, patients of sleep apnea are not required to go to special sleep clinics to carry out the investigation.

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