Employed 243 robots in the hotel, now half removed

Regarding robots, it is often said that due to them the job of human beings can be in danger. But, nowadays, Robots themselves have to lose their jobs. In fact, a Japanese hotel renowned for robots has decided to take out a large number of robots working here. According to the report of The Wall Street Journal, in this hotel named Henn-na, 243 robots were used, out of which half were removed. The hotel says Robots was kept to make the job easier, but because of them the problem started to grow.

The robots that have been removed include a dollar-sized assent. These robots assistants named Churi (Churi) were kept in every room thinking that they could answer the guest questions about the local place. When asked if ‘theme park opens’ then Churu did not have the correct answer. A better answer would give Serial, Google Assistant and Virtual Assistant like Alexa. In such a way, the hotel realized that these robots are increasing the workplace rather than meeting the shortage of staff.

Apart from this, two dinosaur-like robots have been removed, which was kept at the hotel check-in. They could not even work as a photocopy of passport or other documents of the guest. Two robots were placed to deliver the luggage of the guest, but they could only reach 24 rooms out of 100 of the hotels. In addition to rain or snowfall, they were closed. The hotel’s main concierge Robot did not even have the right answer to answer. He did not know the answers to important questions like flight schedules and places to move around. It has now been replaced by the man.

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