First cotton plant grown on the moon, due to the temperature dropped to -170 degrees Celsius in the night

China had announced the cultivation of cotton plant on Moon only, but the next day the news of this plant’s death came. According to The Guardian’s report, the first cotton plant planted on the moon died due to falling temperatures at minus 170 degrees Celsius in the night. Actually, this plant was growing well in the light of the sun, but due to the temperature falling in the night, it died. One night at the moon is two weeks and at night the temperature falls, while during the day it reaches above 120 degree Celsius.

China had sent potatoes, cranial seeds on January 3
In fact, China sent fly eggs in addition to cotton, potato and mustard seeds along with Rover Chang E-4 on January 3. But only one of these plants was cotton which was flourishing on the moon, there was no growth in the other plants. However, scientists expressed the hope of germination of potato and mustard seeds. With this, China had become the first country that had planted a plant on the moon.

cotton plant on moon

The moon started on Sunday
Saini Gengshin, who led the Chinese project, said that we had already anticipated the early plantation of this plant because it is impossible for any plant to survive at night. According to the Guardian report, they said that after landing, there was the first night on the moon and since Sunday only the Chang E4 rover had gone in ‘sleep mode’. Ink says that the plants and seeds will gradually decompose on the moon and this will not have any effect on the atmosphere of the moon. He said, “We used to plant the plant for the first time and we had no experience of what kind of environment is there on the moon.”

The seeds were sent to the moon by filling in a box
Chinese scientists had told that a water and mud box was sent to Rover Chang E-4, which was 18 centimeters. Within this compartment, fruits and fly eggs and yeasts were sent along with cotton, potato and mustard seeds. Simultaneously, there were two small cameras and one heat control system, so that the seeds of seed germination were obtained.

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