Engineers create a robotic tree to reduce pollution, makes air purifier for 2,890 people daily

To reduce pollution from cars, factories, and volcanoes, engineers in Mexico have designed a robotic tree. The tree made by the Biomitech company is named Biocarbon. This artificial tree, designed as a prototype model, acts like real trees. It absorbs polluted air from the atmosphere and releases clean air. This will be helpful in providing a clean and healthy environment especially to senior citizens, cyclists and pedestrians.

The expected cost of this project is 35 lakh rupees

Biocarbon Robotic Tree has a special system that absorbs polluted air and cleans the air again with the help of technology. It acts exactly like real trees. It is capable of producing air purifier for 2,890 people daily.

The entire structure of this tree 14 feet high is made of metal. It cleans the contaminated air with the help of microalgae prepared in the lab and releases clean and hygienic air with the help of 365 days photokinesis process. Its engineers say that this tree works equally to 368 real trees.

Despite all these features, it is designed not to replace real trees but to help them. It will be installed especially in those areas of the city where pedestrians, cyclists and public transport are quite large. Its first setup is set in the city of Puebla, Mexico. The estimated cost of this project will be around 35 lakh rupees.


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