Facebook is the least trusted company, most trusted users on Amazon

The world’s largest social media company is no longer the people’s confidence in Facebook. This matter has come out in the survey conducted by the research company Toluna in December. Toluna had included 1,000 people in her survey, out of which about 40% expressed the least confidence in Facebook. In fact, after several years of data leaks, people’s confidence in Facebook has dropped considerably.

Twitter is the second most trusted company

39.6% of people surveyed in the polling Toluna have considered Facebook as the least trusted tech company. While 8.0% of people have shown less confidence in Amazon, 7.7% of Twitter and 7.7% These people believe that Facebook can not keep their personal data safe.

The list of the least trusted tech companies is Google 5th and Apple 7th. Google was rated 6.1% while Apple was 4.5% as the least trusted.

In this survey, only 0.9% ie 9 people expressed less confidence in Netflix while Tesla is the number after which 13 people (1.3%) considered the least reliable.

List of least trustworthy companies

Facebook 39.7%
Twitter8.0 %
Amazon7.7 %
Uber7.1 %
Google6.1 %
Lift5.9 %
Apple4.5 %
Snap4.2 %
Microsoft1.8 %
Tesla1.3 %
Netflix0.9 %

The most trust is on Amazon, then on Apple

In this survey, opinion was sought on the most dependable tech companies about data security. The most reliable company in the case of data security is Amazon, on which 27.4% (274 people) have expressed confidence, while 12.2% (122 people), Apple is second in this list.

At the same time, only 38 people, i.e. 3.8%, have expressed confidence in Facebook. This is followed by 11.2% (112 people) on Google and 11% (110 people) on Microsoft.

List of most trustworthy companies

Amazon27.29 %
Apple12.15 %
Google11.25 %
Microsoft10.96 %
Netflix4.58 %
Facebook3.78 %
Twitter0.7 %
Uber0.7 %
Tesla0.6 %
Snap0.3 %
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