How to check hidden cameras

The cameras are now everywhere. In your smartphone, in PCs, at intersections and in airplanes too. This will not only stay in the world but will spread rapidly. We have to learn to live with them and to avoid unnecessary views.

Airplane case

Singapore Airlines had a heap of passenger complaints. The complaint was for those cameras which were behind the seat in some of their aircraft. The passengers were scared that the airline was collecting their visual data. The airline had to tweet that these cameras were not being used and they would not be used in the future. After this the question arises that why did it go to the camera?

Explore Spy Cam and Do Disassembly

  • Small cameras are hidden in decorations, curtains and vents. Spy cameras are hidden in alarm clock, smoke detectors, stuffed animals, picture frames. The easiest way to find them is by lens reflection. Turn off all the lights in the room and scan the full room with a flashlight. They can be found with laser pointer.
  • While scanning the room, help with something like vacant toilet paper roll, it will be easier because the focus will become smaller.
  • Check every vent. Do not ignore any hole or crack in the wall. Keep in mind that if you have a camera installed, you can see it too.


  • The cameras in your personal devices can be hacked and can be recorded from them. Keep a few things in mind to avoid this …
  • If not in use, disconnect the device from the internet.
  • Allow fewer applications to use phone cameras and microphones.
  • The tape can be pasted on the camera of the device that is not used for long periods of time.
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