India’s first 64-bit microprocessor will be built by C-DAC, Super Computer will be ready by 2022

Meyer Electronics Research Organization C-DAC (Center for Development of Advanced Computing) is preparing 64 bit QuadCore microprocessor, this will be the first chipset made in India. C-DAC is also working on the creation of supercomputers, which calculates up to one billion-billion in a second, it will be launched in India by 2022.

New applications made for the defense sector

  • Director-General of C-DAC Hemant Darbari said, “We are working to create a best architecture for excascular computing (supercomputers), which will be ready by 2022”
  • Exescale computing system being prepared by the organization calculates an excallop i.e. billions of billion in one second, while the world’s largest computer is able to calculate 143.5 petaflops i.e. one thousand million-million in one second.
  • In addition to making India’s first 64 bit quadcore microprocessor, C-DAC is also working on creating new processor ranges for image processing and smart energy meters.
  • Additionally, the Institute is developing design systems and applications for five main areas such as Artificial Intelligence, Language Computing, Internet of Everything (Concept which can be connected to the Internet in any device) and Secure Computing.
  • In the field of language computing, C-DAC is shortly launching the Speech-to-Speech Translation Project, in which English can be converted into any Indian language.
  • In the last few months, C-DAC has created many applications, which uses many emerging new technologies including BlockChane.
  • Darbari said, “We have created our distributive laser technology, which we are currently using for a land record project in Andhra Pradesh, which can be used in defense and strategic applications where security is needed very much.
  • Apart from this, another project relates to the use of wireless sensors to send personalized suggestions like insects, plant diseases and irrigation schedule information to the farmers.
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