COVID-Net AI tool can help identify COVID-19 in Chest X-ray

Researchers at the University of Waterloo and Canadian startup DarwinA have uncovered a new artificial intelligence (AI) device, which claims to detect COVID-19 through a simple X-ray of the chest. Called COVID-NET, the device is a convoluted neural network or an AI device that helps identify images. This is revolutionary because cases of coronovirus are continuously increasing, now the number in India is also increasing. COVID-NET is specifically trained to identify COVID-19 patients, and researchers hope to increase computer aided screening in infected countries. It was trained using 5,941 chest X-rays from 2,839 patients. All of these patients had different conditions – some had bacterial infections, some had non-COVID infections, while some had COVID-19 infections.

Researchers Linda Wang and Alexander Wonga of the University of Waterloo and Canadian startup Darwin AI have developed this new COVID-net tool. They have made this tool public so that researchers and doctors can help fix it and rapidly detect COVID-19 patients. Although several companies have announced AI devices for diagnosing COVID-19 via X-rays, none have made it public yet.

Darwin notes in his research paper that COVID-Net is not a production-ready solution by any means, it is expected that open source COVID-Net will be leveraged and build, with details on building open source COVIDx datasets and researchers. Both civilian data scientists are alike in accelerating the development of highly accurate yet practical intensive learning solutions to detect COVID-19 cases and the treatment of those Accelerate those who need it most. ‘

The investigative process of COVID-Net is elaborated in an effort to allow it to gain deeper insight into key factors associated with COVID-19 cases, which allow clinicians better screening as well as confidence and Can help improve transparency. For quick computer aided screening. The hope is to help build devices to take advantage of artificial intelligence and even prevent further spreading coronaviruses. To prevent the spread of coronavirus, India is in complete lockdown for 21 days.


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