If there is a fire, hit it by throwing it, Samsung introduces Fire Vase

Samsung has prepared a vase that will be used to extinguish the fire in an emergency. The company has named it the Fire Vas. Firearms, which can be seen like ordinary vase, can be used to extinguish the small fire in the house. It was made by Samsung’s subsidiary Chile Worldwide. It is currently available to customers of Samsung’s Fire and Marine Insurance in South Korea.

Fire extinguishers in 2 million South Korea homes

  • Fire vapor is a mixture of potassium carbonate, which extinguishes the fire. In addition, this mixture prevents oxygen from exposure to fire and exposure to fire.
  • Generally it can be used in home decoration. After the fire, the habit will be thrown at a fireplace, the habitat will break and the potassium carbonate mixture will extinguish the fire.
  • The company claims that this habit is quite easy to use in comparison to commonly used fire extinguishers.
  • People will use it in home decoration. By which the habitat will be easily accessible in the event of a fire. With this, the person will be able to extinguish the fire without panic in an emergency.
  • According to a survey conducted by Samsung, fewer than 60% of the households have fire extinguishers in Korea. While a law was made in 2017, according to which at least one fire extinguisher was considered necessary in every household of the country.
  • According to a government report, there were 252 incidents of incidents of fire in the Dormitory Style Buildings between 2013 and 2018 in Korea.
  • Under the Fire Vase Promotion Campaign, Chile Worldwide has distributed two lakh fire dwellers in South Korea’s homes.
  • The results of the company’s hard work are also seen. After the launch of Fire Vessel in South Korea, the houses with fire extinguishers have increased by 8%.
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