ISRO said – Lander Vikram has fallen slant on the surface of the moon, but not broken

The projections related to Chandrayaan-2 lander Vikram were confirmed on Monday after an ISRO official said that Vikram fell obliquely, but not broken, during the landing. He is in a single piece and all efforts are on to contact him. Earlier, reports from ISRO were also expected to overturn the lander, but whether it was broken or was not known.

Another new information has come out from the ISRO official that the lander Vikram landed very close to the fixed location to land on the moon’s surface. His landing was very difficult. ISRO has received this information from Chandrayaan-2 orbiter orbiting the Moon. On September 7, Chandrayaan-2 lander Vikram had a hard landing on the moon. The lander lost contact with ISRO just 2.1 km before it touched the surface.

Orbiter took pictures of Lander Vikram
The life of the mission lander and rover is equivalent to 14 days of a lunar day. On Saturday, ISRO chairman K Sivan said that we will continue efforts to contact the lander and rover for the next 14 days. After this, the orbiter orbiting the moon’s orbit on Sunday had taken some pictures (thermal images) of the lander on the lunar surface.

Try contacting the lander, but it’s not easy
Officials say the contact with the lander is not easy and it is very unlikely. An ISRO scientist said that we have some limitations. We have the experience to establish a link to the spacecraft in Geostationary Orbit when contact is lost. But the circumstances are not favorable in Vikram’s case. It is slanting on the lunar surface. We can’t straighten it out. Its antennae are also not on the ground station and orbiter side. Such operations are very difficult.

Orbiter will continue to work for seven years: ISRO
ISRO officials said that Chandrayaan’s orbiter weighs 2,379 kg and is designed to have a life of one year. The additional fuel present in it is safe due to the performance of the rocket carrying it. In this case, the life of the orbiter will be the next 7 years.

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