New iPhone will get iOS 13, dark mode and customized mimoji

Legendary tech company Apple is going to host its Apple event on September 10 in California. In the event, the company will launch its latest iPhone 11 series smartphone as well as can launch other devices besides the new smartwatch. Like every year, the company can also officially launch its next-generation operating system i.e. iOS-13.

Apple has announced iOS 13 at WWDC 2019

The fastest Apple iOS ever
According to Apple, iOS 13 is the fastest operating system of the company so far. This will completely change the way of the app and the updates they receive. The company claims that its download size is 50% less than before as well as its update side has also been reduced by 60%. In the new OS, the FaceID feature will work 30% faster.


New camera mode
According to the company, in its portrait lightning mode, the position and intensity in the studio lighting can be adjusted virtually. Portrait in the new iOS 13 can increase or decrease the intensity of the lightning effect.

Dark mode
Last year where the company released Dark Mode for MacOS. But now through iOS 13, the company can give dark mode to its new smartphone. Through this feature, you will now get dark mode options in stock apple wallpapers, as well as photos, reminders, dark themes and dark mode will be seen in the user interface.

Personalized Mimoji
In iOS 13, Apple will add a lot of customization options to make Mimoji more personal. Through this, the user will be able to create their own face-based mimoji, which will be available in the keyboard app. These customizations will include headgear, glasses, and even broken teeth, using which the user will be able to create different mimoji on his face.

Swiping keyboard
The company may also feature swiping keyboards in the new operating system. This will be the default keyboard of iOS 13, meaning that the user will not need to install any kind of app. In the previous operating system, the third party app had to be installed for the swipe keyboard.

Apple map
Apple map will also be available in this new operating system of Apple. The company says that this app shows the ground better, giving the user a better view of the map.

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