Pampers’ smart baby diapers will keep parents tension-free, an alert will send via the app when wet

Caring for the newborn properly is a little difficult for new parents. To reduce this problem, pumps have created a smart device. This can be fitted in children’s diapers. This device will be equipped with the Connected Care system ‘Lumi’, which will track every activity of children from sensors and will send its information to the parents through the app.

When the diaper is wet, this device will send notifications on the mobile app through the sensor, as well as when the baby sleeps and when it will be given information. Parents will also be able to track information such as dirty diapers and feeding time. This system also has a video monitor system that will connect to the app. Pumpers have not provided any information about the launch and the price.

Parents will keep stress free

  • Pandey’s spokesman Mandy Tribe says that the security standard used in the financial services industry has been used. The main purpose of this technique is to keep new parents stress free.
  • Positive feedback is also coming from those involved in Parents Testing. Two-factor authentication is not used in it, according to security experts, it can prevent unauthorized system access.

250 million will be baby monitors market by 2024

  • Pumpers gave information about this on Thursday, through which the growth in the baby tech industry can be estimated. At the same time, the company also introduced HiTech Toys, Smart Night Light, pacifier for feeding children, bottling track feeding and a special app for children, who will raise the voice of parents and silence the children.
  • Research and market reports are being estimated that according to the Baby Monitor market the market will reach Rs 250 crore by 2024.

Baby Monitor technology in disputes

  • Baby and child monitor can be hacked in many cases. After these cases, questions have been raised about the usefulness of this technique. Therefore, it can not be said that to what extent the use of baby monitors and security cameras is safe. Last year, the Washington Post had mentioned an incident in which a cam was hacked and hacked on Nest Cam in the children’s room.
  • These devices, which make smart products common to a common product, often find that this software is dependent on updates and malfunction.
  • When the company closes, the product also loses its connectivity. Recently, Nike’s Self-Lacey Shoes had stopped working due to software updates.

Pumps are not the first company

  • Lumie is not the first device that can make hi-tech diapers. In 2016, Google’s parent company, Alphabet, had filed a patent file, in which it was said to set up a sensor in the diapers to check the urine and stool of the children.
  • Last year, Haggesh launched smart diaper sensors in Korea and Japan in collaboration with the Korean company.

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