Samsung: 5G smartphone coming next year, company announces

Samsung is going to launch its 5G phone by mid-year next year. For this, the company has partnered with American Carrier Verizon. This phone will be the first 5G commercial phone to be introduced in the US. The announcement was made by the officials of both the companies through a shared press conference. In the annual summit of Qualcomm Snapdragon, this week, both companies will present the phone’s blueprint.

This includes information related to phone proof concepts and processor platforms. Brian Higgins, Vice President of Verizon’s Wireless Device and Product Marketing, has said that 5G will write a new round for mobile connectivity. This will give people the best experience beyond their thinking. He further said that with the partnership of Samsung and Verizon, we will launch 5G-enabled smartphones.

He also said that after being fully prepared, it will be faster than current internet speed. Its speed will be as fast as the blinking blink. Meanwhile, the Samsung official said that we are proud to work with innovative partners like Qualcomm and Verizon. We will bring such a phone that will change the way people live and work. Well, Samsung is going to introduce a foldable smartphone in the beginning of 2019.

Sachin Gill
Sachin Gill

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