Samsung will make a smartphone with a stretchable display, it will be able to increase its screen size according to the need

South Korean company Samsung is working on a smartphone with a new stretchable display. Its specialty is that users will be able to make the screen size larger and smaller. Patently Mobile reported in its report that the company filed a patent for the new stretchable display design at the US Patent and Trademark Office in June 2019. It can be seen in the pictures that came out last week that the screen of the phone can be increased by a few inches without any damage, which means it will be less prone to breakage like other foldable phones.

Samsung is constantly experimenting with the smartphone’s screen. According to the report, Samsung is working on a new design of telescopic screens, folding screens, and flexible screens. The company is preparing to file its patent soon. Just a few weeks ago, Samsung launched its first foldable phone in the market, which was very popular among the people, soon the company will also launch its vertical foldable phone in other markets including India.

How this stretchable display works

According to the patent, the sides of the device are extremely thin and have a wide chin. The specialty of the phone is that the stretchable display found in it will be able to be small enough for user convenience. Its working in the patent looks quite simple. With a long screen in the device which folds inside the phone and the user can drag the screen according to the need.
In the patent, it has been described as a compact and small size device, but its production version may be slightly larger because media and apps prove more useful in big screens. If seen, this stretchable screen will face the same troubles that were seen in the Galaxy fold. It is expected that it will be slightly lighter as well as crease marks will not be seen in it, which will reduce the scope of its breakage.

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