School children do not make School bunk, So made Intelligent Uniform, It will be able to track their location.

Given the growing absence of children in China’s schools, a new method has been taken out. Actually, in many schools of China, children used to be class-bunts, after which 10 schools of the country created ‘Intelligent Uniform’ for the children, with the help of which the children’s location could be tracked. This uniform has been made by the Guyanu Technology Company of China and it will now be used in the Chinese province of Guizhou and Guanxshi Zhuang schools.

Uniform, parents-teachers to get information about location

There are two chips on the shoulders of this Intelligent Uniform, which will continuously work to track the child’s location. As soon as the child enters the uniform by wearing this uniform, the time and date of his arrival will be recorded and the information will be received by the parents and teachers on the mobile app.

Along with this, special cameras supporting facial recognition on school enterprises will also be installed, to know that the uniform is worn by the right child or someone has replaced it with that uniform.

If this uniform comes to school by wearing another child, then the alarm will ring. Not only this, even if a child tries to get out without permission or before the school is over, an alarm will arise.

Apart from this, if a child sleeps in class then the alarm will also start. With the help of this uniform not only the location can be tracked to the child, but also the parents can monitor their expenses. According to the company, with this help the parents will be able to determine the limits of their children.

This uniform can be washed 500 times
According to the Guyanu Technology Company, this Intelligent Uniform can be washed 500 times. Not only this, the uniform can also temperature up to 150 degrees Celsius. However, the company also says that the purpose of this uniform is not to track children and the company does not track their location at all times.

The child went missing, even then will know
Lin Zhongwu, the Principal of Renihai School in Guizhou province, said, “When children go home from school, their location will not be tracked. But when the child is bunk or missing, then track his location. Will go. “

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