Kidney sold for iPhone, now on dialysis in hospital

The branding effect of Apple’s branding is that users are excited about every new iPhone model. The question of selling kidneys for the iPhone, of course, is a joke, but one of the Chinese iPhone lovers got it hard to do. Seven years ago, this young man, who sold his kidney to buy an iPhone 4, is now regretting his mistake, and is in the hospital. Shao Wang, who lives in China, was keen to buy an iPhone at the age of 17. Due to the tremendous craze and branding of the phone, Wang wanted to buy an iPhone but his parents did not have the required amount.

Wang decided to sell his kidneys one step further, which is now getting heavier. Wang bought the iPhone 4 after a deal made seven years ago from a black market organ donor, but now he is suffering its consequences. iPhone 4 was at $ 699 at that time and Wang was getting $ 3,200 (about 2.23 lakhs) in exchange for kidney, with the help of which she could buy a lot more than her favorite phone.

Image Credit: Asia Online

Wang on Permanent Dialysis
Wang was operated in an underground (illegal) hospital. Due to lack of sanitize properly, its second kidney also got infected. The parents knew when the Wang survivor Kidney failed. Parents unable to buy an iPhone have had to sell their everything to continue their dialysis. Now 24-year-old Wang has been placed on Permanent Dialysis Machine in the hospital and he is struggling for life. Wang has proved that worse than selling bad kidneys for iPhone, there is bad idea from that too.

What does the survey report say?
Every new model of Apple iPhone is expensive from the past and it is very good to see them in youth, especially teenagers. According to a survey of PiperJefei in 2017, about 82 percent of teenagers around the age of 16 are eager for the iPhone.

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