The smartphone will control the human mind, Flexible chip offered by Allen Musk

The startup of Tesla’s chief executive and founder of Space-X, Allan Musk, is working on reading the mind of the human neurolink and controlling it during the illness. Musk introduced the technology and a flexible chip on Wednesday. It will be implanted in humans’ mind.

Read the patient’s mind and collect data

  • Allen says that this device will be used in patients with memory enhancement, brain stroke or other neurological disorders. Apart from this, it will be beneficial for paralyzed patients. We will be able to read the patient’s mind and collect data. Neurolink said that so far it has been tested on monkeys and mice, which has been successful.
  • This chip is very thin. It is connected to 1000 strings. These wire widths are equal to one-tenth of human hair. Neurolink says it took more than two years to build it.
  • The device will be installed in the brain by a robot. The surgeon will make a 2-millimeter hole in the person’s skull with the help of this robot. Then the chip will be placed in the brain through a hole.
  • Electrodes of wire or threads will be able to monitor neural spikes. These electrodes will not only understand the minds of humans but also understand the fluctuations in their behavior.
  • Neurolink said that after the completion of all the parameters, at the beginning of 2020, it is planning to get approval from the FDA for human trials.
  • Newralink technology will work through the chip and the wire in the human brain. These chips will be linked to the removable pod, which will be fitted behind the ears. And connect wirelessly to another device. Through this, the inside of the brain will feed directly into the smartphone or computer. According to the US media, Alan Musk has invested $ 100 million in neurolink startups. Its headquarters is in San Francisco.
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