Websites and web apps will increase your work productivity and learn new skills

There are many websites and apps on the internet that help you increase your productivity and learn new skills as well. Apart from this, you can easily remember their URLs too.

  • : You can make your QR code for website, Text, Email, Payment Address, Call, SMS, Wi-fi, and v-card and send these to your client or friends.
  • : To short your web url and brand your url, track url, change url.
  • A Clean Alternative to Google Search that does not track you on the Internet.
  • The Perfect Web Scrapping Tool, which offers the ability to take data from websites.
  • A huge collection of curated free movies from YouTube.
  • Find Freelancers and Subject Experts to work on any type of project here.
  • Impressing images fast at work only. This site also works offline too.
  • Checking Spelling, Style and Grammatical Mistakes in Your Written Text.
  • Making freehand doodles look at them as a speed learning and magically changing beautiful drawings.
  • There are millions of icons present on this platform for all types of projects.
Sachin Gill
Sachin Gill

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