Worldwide, five times more than shark attacks led to selfie, 159 deaths in India

Almost every smartphone is user savvy. In the craze of taking the most different selfies, people do not even go back on doing dangerous photography, which is why many people lose their lives. According to the report of India Journal of Family Medicine and Primary Care, 259 people from the year 2011 to 2017 have lost their lives due to taking selfies.

Most of the deaths in India …

  • This number of deaths increased year after year even when it was a bit difficult to take a perfect shot from the phone, so with the introduction of selfie steak everyone started taking risks to take the perfect photo.
  • Between October 2011 and November 2017, around 259 people died in the world during self-service. During this time, the number of those killed by shark attacks was only 50.
  • According to the report, women are at the forefront of taking selfies whereas young men do not hesitate to take risks. Together, they divide the deaths of Selfie into three parts, including drowning, crashing and falling during selfie.
  • In India with 130 million people, about 80 million people use mobile phones. In such a situation, while taking photographs of the Khud, India is ahead of the number of people killed with 159 people. This figure is more than half of those who die in the whole world.
  • To deal with this problem, many dangerous parts of India have been transformed into a no-selfie zone. It includes 16 spots in Mumbai.
  • The name of Russia comes after India’s self-sufficiency during selfie, where between 16 and 16 people were killed between 2011 and 2017, while 14 people died in US and Pakistan.
  • While taking a selfie in Russia, most of the people’s lives went from falling on the bridge or higher building, or Khud was taken while taking shelf while lifting the land mine.
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