Xiaomi working on reverse wireless charging, can get this phone in Mi Miix 4

Chinese tech company Shiaomi is working on reverse wireless charging technology. Through this technology, smartphones can also be charged from other compatibles. For this, both devices have to keep back-to-back. According to the report, this feature can be seen in Xiaomi’s upcoming flagship smartphone Mi Mix 4. Earlier, Huawei and Samsung have used this technology in their smartphones.

XDA Developers said in its report that this feature will be available in Shiyami’s MUIU beta. In this setting, users will be able to charge from their smartphones to other compatibles without any wire help. If the charging is not started within 90 seconds, this function will be automatic, which will prevent the power of the phone from being wasted. XDA said in its report that Xiaomi can launch the reverse wireless charging feature with the exceptional flagship smartphone MI Mix 4.

Whether it will be available in Mi Mix 4, it will be confirmed only at the launch time. The report says that Mi Mix 4 will support the Snapdragon 855 processor and in-display fingerprint sensor. At present, Xiaomi’s two smartphones are AMAI 9 and MI Mix 2S in which features of wireless charging are available but now Mix 4 is also going to be included in this list. Mix 4 will be the first phone in the company, with reverse charging facility.


Sachin Gill
Sachin Gill

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