Apple overtakes Samsung to become top smartphone brand in Q4 2019

According to data from several analysts, Apple emerged as the world’s best-selling smartphone vendor for the first time in two years. Several outlets have recently published smartphone shipments estimated for Q4 2019 and while there are some changes, overall figures suggest that Apple has managed to top its South Korean rival Samsung. According to Counterpoint Research, the Cupertino-based tech giant was the market leader in Q4 2019, with shipments totaling 72.9 million units in the last months of the year. They climbed well above the 70 million Galaxy units sold by Samsung. Apple led the segment after Samsung and Huawei, while Xiaomi and Oppo made it to the list of top five smartphone vendors.

Apple overtakes smartphone shipments in Q4 2019

This strategy is in line with a report in Analytics, which has different numbers, although brands have the same position. Apple shipped the largest market share, 70.7 million smartphones, in the quarter, giving it 18.9% versus Samsung’s 68.8 million units and 18.4%. Huawei shipped 56 million handsets, giving it a share of 15%. Xiaomi and Oppo follow with 8.8 and 8.1% market share respectively.

Another industry tracker, Canalis, brings similar figures. Apple shipped 78.4 million smartphones in the previous quarter, with Canalys with a 21.3% market share. Meanwhile, Samsung is said to have sold 70.8 million units with 19.8% market share, while Huawei sold 56 million units, giving it a 15.2% share. Xiaomi finished last in the top five with 9% share and Oppo with 8.2% share.

Apple lost second place to Huawei in 2019

This is a completely different picture for the calendar year 2019. Apple lost to Huawei’s number two spot. The Chinese phone manufacturer shipped 240 million phones compared to 200 million for Apple. Samsung comfortably maintained its lead in shipping around 300 million devices in the market. Xiaomi and Oppo have once again made the list of the top five phone manufacturers for the entire 2019.

Apple’s strong performance in Q4 2019 has been attributed to strong demand for its iPhone 11 series according to research companies. Things are expected to carry over into the coming months as Apple is likely to follow its strategy with the entry-level 4.7-inch LCD iPhone, which will start in the US for $ 399.

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