Qualcomm’s second generation of 5G chip, Download speed up to 7GBps

Qualcomm Inc., the world’s largest mobile chipset maker, has created the 5G chipset of the second generation. It has been named X55. Smartphones with X55 chipsets will be in the market by the end of 2019. This chipset will enable users to get up to 7GBps of wireless speed. Many components of Qualcomm’s new silicon chipset will be in the same piece. This will make the smartphone more slim.

Announcements a day before the announcement of the Galaxy S10: Qualcomm hopes that during the year 2019-20, 5G support devices will be spread rapidly. This move came a day before the announcement of the new flagship model (Galaxy S10) of the Samsung Galaxy’s Galaxy Series, the world’s largest smartphone manufacturer. In December last year, Samsung and Qualcomm had announced an agreement to launch 5G phones in 2019. Tech Experts believes that Samsung will announce the 5G version of the Galaxy Series’s own flagship model.

Huawei and Samsung have also been made. 5G Chip: Qualcomm is not the only company working on 5G chipset. The world’s third largest smart phone maker Huawei had announced the use of 5G chip last month and its use in its next flagship smartphone. Samsung has also made a 5G modem named Exynos 5100, which will be used in gadgets sold outside of the United States. Not only this, Taiwanite company MediaTek is also working with Intel to create a 5G chip, which is possible in the second quarter of 2019.

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