Debris is two places in space, due to the collision of planets, meteorites come to Earth from there

The source-based source of the origin of the descendant of Ulk Vasund is found on the earth. Research published in ‘Journal Re-Metioretics and Planetary Science’ has been reported that wool blisters called ‘breaking stars’ usually fall on the ground from just two such areas of space where debris deposits.

Meteorites formed by a collision of asteroid

  • According to the research, there are many such areas in the asteroid belt, where debris derived from collisions of very small planets gather. The pieces of these wrecks are called asteroids or asteroids that constantly collide. From these, meteorites are formed.
  • In this research, meteorites fell into two different areas of the United States. Peter Jennyscens, a researcher at NASA’s Ames Research Center, told, “The meteorites that fell in 2012 in Creston of California and Novato in 2012 were the only source in their space, both of them meteorites called El Condroites , Which are the most common meteorites falling on the Earth. “
  • When the meteorite was approaching Kristen at a speed of 16 km per second, then its photo was taken from the Sky camera in Sunnyvale, America. Genisens said, “We are looking at all the Sky cameras in California to find out which direction the meteorite was coming from Earth and from what distance.” He said that a lab has also been formed in collaboration with Curtin University of Australia to work on this project.
  • 33 scientists compared the meteorites falling into Kresen and Novato. Cos Weltton, of the University of California at Berkeley, said, “The meteorite that was dropped in Creston was in space for about 4.5 million years, while the meteorite that Nevato had dropped was in space for 9 million years. . “

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