Samsung launches two battery-powered phone, will launch soon

Samsung is preparing to launch many great smartphones this year. On the one hand, where the company is about to launch its premium Galaxy S10 smartphone, on the other hand it is reported that Samsung will soon launch Galaxy M-series smartphones in its mid-range segment. Not only this, Samsung is going to launch its first destination smartphone this year to further its range of smartphones. 

Samsung introduced its Foldable Phone for the first time in the Developers Conference held last year. It is being said that Samsung can launch its foldable smartphones in the name of Galaxy F series. 

Although this phone is currently in the process of launching, the information related to it has started and the launch of leaks has started. A latest news related to the phone has come out, which is being said that 4,400 mAh battery will be provided in the Galaxy F series. According to the All About Samsung website, two ups and downs of 2,200 mAh will be available in the Samsung’s upcoming foldable phone. There have been some reports before the phone’s battery, which said that 6,200 mAh battery can be given in this phone. 

Samsung’s this foldable phone will come with two screens. One screen inside the phone will be on the other side. The primary display of the phone is 7.3 inches and the secondary display will be 4.58 inches. Samsung had said in the Developers Conference last year that users can operate three applications simultaneously with the help of a large screen given in this phone. Samsung has named this feature as a multi-active window. 

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Sachin Gill

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