Humans can live on the moon, scientists find a way to make water there

How to make water on the moon can be made, NASA scientists have detected the method. Scientists have tried to explain the process of making water on the moon through computer algorithms. According to him, a solar wind full of protons flows at a speed of 450 km / second on the surface of the moon, causing elements to form on the surface of the moon, which can be made from water.

Electron-protons can form hydrogen together

NASA scientists said, “Protons remain in solar wind, while electrons are present on the moon. Hydrogen (H) atoms are formed by meeting these two. On the soil of the moon there are several molecules that produce oxygen. After this, hydrogen and oxygen together form hydroxyl (OH), which is the component of water (H2O). “

“We thought that water is a magical element, but there is the ability to make water in every rock,” says William Farrel, plasma physicist at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center. Especially when the solar wind flows on the surface of the moon.

Humans can be settled on the moon

NASA scientist Orelthal James Tucker said, “It is very important for us to get information on the water or water components on the moon, because it will allow humans to settle on the moon.” According to scientists, how much water is there on the moon or its What is the potential source, it is very important to send the information to humans. Even more important is to find places on the moon where water can be made.

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