Many jobs will go from Artificial Intelligence, but there are many things where people will be needed: Citigroup CEO

Citigroup, the fourth largest US bank, has 2.09 million employees worldwide. With this huge number of employees, its cost is also under pressure. Includes the cost of $ 800 million (about Rs 56,800 crore) annually on Artificial Intelligence (AI). Bank CEO Michel Corbet believes that the use of AI can eliminate the jobs of one lakh people working in American call centers in the coming days.

Work from AI will be easy, but humans will also need

Corbett says that AI will make a big difference in the way the companies work. Customer Experience will be better. Most customers will be able to answer most questions. The cost of providing them services will be reduced. The need for human labor will also be reduced. Despite this, there are many things that people need for. That’s why we do not want to disappoint people by talking about the reasons for the fact that due to AI,

Two years ago, former CEO of Citigroup Vikram Pandit had said that in five years AI will replace one-third of Citigroup’s jobs. His estimate was in line with the 10-year forecast of this bank. In this context, this statement of Corbett becomes important.

AI and human brain can not be compared
As the use of AI and machine learning has increased, many people believe that due to these, jobs in different areas will end fast. Its impact has also been seen in industrial areas like banking, IT. But experts say that there is no need to panic about getting jobs from AI. AI is making life easier.

This man will remain the supporter of intellect, he will not be able to take it. Alexander Lyndon, Research Vice President, Global IT Advisory firm Gartner says that AI can never be compared to human brain. It may be inspired by the brain, but it can never be equal. For example, image recognition technology is more accurate than the human brain, but when it comes to solving the problem of math, there is no use of it.

Like internet, AI is also creating new jobs: Scientist
Dr. Peter Bentley, computer scientist from University College London, says that the AI ​​factory is not like automation or robot. It is almost like the Internet like technology that is creating new jobs in different industries. Computer developers, sales and marketing, teachers, lawyers are areas where job opportunities are being created. Society is getting help in adjusting with changing technology. Despite self-driving vehicles or smart buildings, we need the worker, engineers to create new infrastructure.

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