People from all over the world can get free Wi-Fi, Chinese company will launch it Satellite next year

  • According to the company, where access to the Internet can not be accessed even where there is no network access
  • According to the UN report, up to 4 billion people worldwide have access to the internet by 2017

Chinese company Linksure has introduced the world’s first such satellite, with the help of which people from all over the world will be able to get free Wi-Fi. The company said that this satellite will be launched from China’s Xiuquan Satellite Launch Center next year and by this year, 10 such satellites will be delivered in space. At the same time, the company aims to launch such 272 satellites by 2026.

LinkSure CEO told that his company is preparing to invest 3 billion yuan (about 30 billion rupees) on this project.

Where there is no network, there will also be free Wi-Fi: According to the company, it is impossible to set up a telecom network in many places, due to which people can not access the Internet at such places. But after reaching the space of this satellite, people can use free Wi-Fi in the same place where the telecom network has no access.

Many companies doing free internet preparation:

  • According to media reports, many companies like Google, Space X, One Web and Telesat are preparing to give free internet access with the help of Satellite.
  • Bank of America Merrill Lynch has estimated that by 2045 the world’s space industry market could reach $ 2.7 trillion.


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