Apple Watch Set to Offer Data Syncing Across Multiple Devices

Apple Watch — like contemporary smartwatches that connect to Android smartphones — is capable of connecting to one iPhone at a time. The wearable tracks health indicators, workouts, displays notifications and messages, syncs data to the connected smartphone. A relatively new tipster now claims that Apple will add support for syncing data from an Apple Watch across multiple devices. If the rumor is true, users may not be limited to a single iPhone, seeing data from their Apple Watch across their devices.

According to a tipster Analyst941 on Twitter, Apple is working on the ability to sync data from an Apple Watch across more than one device. However, details are scarce and the tipster does not mention whether this purported multi-device sync support will be supported on existing Apple Watch models, or whether users will need to upgrade to an upcoming Apple Watch model.

Apple Watch Currently Limited to One iPhone

Apple does not currently offer a Watch app for iPad or Mac, and users who purchase an Apple Watch must pair it with an iPhone in order to set it up. It is currently unclear whether Apple will bring the Watch app to other platforms, allowing users to set the wearables up without an iPhone, or whether it will simply sync data using a user’s Apple ID after it has synced to their iPhone.

Apple Working on Health App for iPad & New Subscription Health Service

While it is best to take these claims with a pinch of salt, it is worth noting that Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman recently reported that Apple is working on bringing the Health app to iPad later this year. The company introduced the Health app on iOS in 2014, and has since added several features to the application, including the ability to track steps without an Apple Watch.

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