53% of television users choose the channel of their choice, 6.5 million cable TVs and 2.5 million DTH subscribers.

According to Telecom Regulatory Authority of India, about 53% of cable TV and DTH customers in the country have chosen the channels of their choice. There are about 17 million cable TV and DTH customers in the country. Out of these 90 million subscribers have adopted the new fee system implemented from February 1. Under this, customers have been given the right to choose channels of their choice. Now they just have to pay the same channel they want to see.

6.5 million cable TV, 25 million DTH customers selected channel

  • TRAI Chairman RS Sharma said, 9 crore TV subscribers, who have registered about the channel of choice for the operators, have 6.5 million cable TV subscribers and 2.5 million DTH subscribers. Hopefully the rest of the people will also choose their favorite channels soon. DTH is a pre-paid model. As long as the long and short-term packs of customers are finished, they will also choose the channels of their choice.
  • Sharma said that the regulators are constantly monitoring the situation for consumers to avoid any inconvenience. Where we need help we are operators. There are also regular meetings for the solution of the problems. He also said that there is also a plan to increase TRAI’s subscribers and to conduct awareness campaign.

It will look fare
TRAI has divided the cable bill into two parts. The first part will be called Network Capacity Fees (NCF). You can understand this as a fixed monthly rent. TRAI has fixed its maximum retail price of 130 rupees. Under which you can choose 100 TV channels. After this, 20 rupees will be given separately on each 25 channel slab. Think of it as if you have selected 110 channels then your monthly rent will be 130 + 20 = 150. If you choose 130 channels then monthly rent will be Rs 170.

Bookie or Channel will be cheap
Broadcasters have also introduced their own bookies (packages). Consumers can buy books in addition to buying a pay channel. In such a situation, many customers are confused that it will be cheaper to buy or bouquet Troy has released the website for its solution. You can choose your favorite channels by visiting Trai website https://channel.trai.gov.in/. When you select the channel it will tell you the monthly expense. Also, without disliking your channel, this website will also tell you which bills will be reduced to your monthly bill.

Chanel price with rent
The second part will be the price of the channel. There are 536 free and 328 pay channels in the country. There will be no increase in the monthly rent for selecting free channels. Choosing any pay channel will only add the price of that channel to your bill. Consumers can choose books of any broadcasters as well. The monthly rent, the cost of the channel or the cost of the bookies will be 18 percent tax.

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