Body temperature will control by cloth, cold in summer and body warm in winter

The team of Maryland University has created a fabric that will help to control body temperature. It looks like a simple wool fabric, but nanotubes are in it. The team making this says that with the help of this cloth, people will not need to choose different clothes in the winter and summer because these clothes will adjust to the body temperature. When the body temperature is heated when wearing this cloth, its nanotubes will be shrinking, but when the body temperature is cool, its nanotubes will spread. The cost of this dress is expected to be 5 dollars (about 350 rupees).

Temperature up to 35% can manage

  • This is not the first time when this kind of fabric has been made. Even before this type of fabric has been made, which can be adjusted according to body temperature but sportswear is made with such clothes.
  • The team producing this fabric claims that this cloth can manage body temperature up to 35%, while other types of clothes available in the market can only manage temperatures up to 5%.
  • This fabric is made from wool, but it has been coated with nanotubes. According to the team, its nanotubes are thinner than human hair. These nanotubes are made of specially-carbon based metals. The team that created this said that as soon as the temperature of the body increases or sweats, nanotubes tend to shrink, from which the electric charge is produced and the body heat exits.
  • Similarly, when the body temperature is low, nanotubes are spreading and prevents the outside air from coming in. According to the team, there is no need of any kind of electricity for this dress nor does the battery This works on fabric physics.
  • Professor Ming Ouyang professor of Maryland University, who is involved in this fabric preparation team, says that this dress has been made for people’s comfort. He said, “With the help of this cloth, people will not need to wear or wear clothes over and over again. If you are in the office and you are feeling heat then you do not have to turn the AC in your room. You can control the temperature of your body. “
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