South Korea will be the first country to launch 5G, 20 times faster speeds than 4G

In the case of introduction of 5G mobile network, South Korea has hit. On Wednesday night at 11 o’clock (local time) when the 5G service was launched in Seoul, South Korea became the first country to achieve this achievement. However, for the launch of it, the date of April 5 was first scheduled, but the service was started two days before the US companies were defeated. The 5G network will be 20 times faster than 4G.

Top 3 telecom companies started service

  1. South Korea’s top 3 telecom companies SK, KT and LG UPlus launched this service nationwide. 5G service was activated for the first time on the phone of South Korea’s 6 celebrity. These include two Olympic members of the K-Pop band EXO, including Olympic Eye Scanning Hero Kim-U-Na. The public will get this service from Friday.
  2. The first 5G network was launched on the Samsung Galaxy S10 5G model. Samsung is also a South Korean company. Samsung introduced its first 5G smartphone in February. Its price is about $2 thousand. According to experts, Samsung has achieved a great deal in this race to make a 5G handset.
  3. South Korea hopes that with the 5G service, there will be faster growth in smart cities and driverless cars in the country and will lead to economic development. South Korea’s economy is slowing down and in 2018 the rate of growth reached the lowest level of six years.
  4. In order to start the 5G service first, there was a competition in South Korea, China and America. In the US, telecom company Verizon will launch the 5G service in two cities on April 11. In China, it is being tried in selected cities.
  5. South Korea’s telecom companies have spent millions of dollars on the marketing of the 5G service. SK Telecom is expected to add more than 1 million 5G subscribers by the end of 2019. It now has 27 million subscribers. Its rival company, KT Corp, is offering cheaper plans than 4G for 5G.
  6. 5G is expected to have auctioned spectrum in July or August this year. After buying spectrum, companies will set up infrastructure After that the services will start. It is believed that the 5G service in India will start only next year.
  7. From home toaster to telephone, from electric cars to power grids, from 5G technology, this will benefit. Along with this, it is going to be crucial in the development of robotics, drones and all the products connected to the Internet. According to an estimate, the 5G technology will bring in 39 lakh crore rupees in the world economy by 2034.

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