The first official look of Uber Flying Taxi continues, the claim will be cheap with its traditional helicopter.

Uber has introduced its new Flying Taxi in front of the world for the first time, in which people have the opportunity to see their interior and features. Earlier, the company had showcased its prototype model. The company said that they will start their own Air Taxi Service in 2023, although testing will start from 2021 itself. The company did not provide any information about how much it would be worth, but it is definitely said that it would be cheap to fly in comparison to the traditional helicopter.

French company designed interior

  • The first flight of Uber Air Taxi will be launched in Los Angeles with Dallas, Texas, after which it will be launched in other countries.
  • The company has introduced the look inside Air Taxi for the annual Elevated Elite Flying Taxi Conference (Washington, DC). Many of these parts are similar to conventional choppers, but according to the media reports there are not many basic features, which are expected from the ride sharing vehicle and aeroplane. But despite not having hi-tech gadgets and features, it looks quite luxurious.
  • According to media reports, its interior was designed by the French aerospace company, Safran. It does not have many useful things like cup holders, interactive screens, chargers and seatback pockets. Uber’s Air Taxi has four seating arrangements for passengers, which will bring them to the destination without any hassle.
  • It has four seats and four windows. High classy leather has been used to make its seat. Electric blue lights have been given in its interior. The company says that in the beginning, it may seem a bit expensive to travel, but within a few years of its launch, it will be much cheaper than buying a car.

What’s in the Uber Air Taxi

  • Uber Air is a network of small and electric aircraft which will be started in densely populated cities. It will be able to fly with four passengers.
  • It will take vertical take-off and landing which will be quite different from conventional helicopters. Along with this, it will be safe, Affordable and Eco-friendly with a helicopter. The user will be able to book it with the Uber App, as the taxi is booked now.
  • The company claims that this all-electric aircraft will be able to fly at a speed of up to 320 kmph. This one-and-half hour journey will be completed in 30 minutes.
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