Sony has created a 63-feet super-resolution TV, its passenger bus width

Giant Electronic Company Sony has recently made a TV whose width is 63 feet. The company has given a super resolution display of 16K pixels, which is many times more than the ordinary TV in its picture quality. Usually there is a TV available up to 8K resolution in the market. Soon the company will showcase this TV in the National Association of Broadcasters (NBA) Trade Show in Las Vegas.

Company specially created flim for this

  1. According to media reports, this TV’s display supports 64x pixels compared to regular 1080p HD TVs. This can be judged by the fact that many big photographs can be shown in this TV too.
  2. Its screen width is about two-storey building. Its size is quite large, many screens have been used to make it.
  3. Crystal LED technology has been used in it, in which multiple panels have been combined together into a single screen.
  4. This type of display technology is quite rare, for which creating content is very difficult. Specially for this, Sony has made a film in which the Wild Life is shown.
  5. Even before this, Sony has made a 16K pixel display, which was installed at a Tokyo airport in 2014, although it was clearly seen by seeing that it was built by connecting it with dozens of small screens.


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