The world’s first rolling TV, in it’s 65-inch display, is controlled by voice control

Another, where other companies are offering bigger size LED TVs in the market to increase their reach to more and more customers. At the same time, the legendary electronics brand LG introduced a television in Milan’s Design Week in Paris in 2019, which is quite headlong with its features. LG has introduced Signature OLED TV R, which is in collaboration with design firm Foster +, which is the world’s first roll TV.

Works in three ways

  • LG’s rolling TV can be used in three different modes of mode, in which three types of display sizes are available. The company used special techniques to design it.
  • First Mode: Line View: LG’s latest TV will only appear on the user’s command, otherwise it will move to the base facing the bottom of the TV. One of its three modes is the line view mode in which only one quarter of this TV is visible upwards. It can be used like user clock, photo frame, mood, music and home dashboard.
  • In clock mode, it will act as a clock, in frame mode, the user can put his family photos in it, which can be shared with the help of a smartphone, and its mood mode can create a more comfortable atmosphere at home. The user gets onscreen music control, as well as the other smart gadgets of the house can be controlled.
  • Second mode: zero view: In zero mode, the entire 65-inch TV goes into the base. However, user can enjoy music and audio in zero mode. It has a 100 watts Dolby Atmos audio system.
  • Third mode: full view: Large screen can be enjoyed in the full view, which supports AI powered image and excellent sound quality. LG’s own second-generation Alpha 9 Intelligent processor has been installed in the TV. It can also be controlled with the help of the Amazon Alexa feature, which will work according to the user’s say. It supports Apple Airplay 2 and Homekit.
  • Support for 3.30 million pixels: It’s the world’s first OLED TV whose screen speaks from speaking. In order to optimize the display, pixel dimming technology has been used, which supports approximately 3.3 million self-emitting pixels.
  • Claim: Service for 34 years: According to media reports, this TV has used Flexible Screen Technology. The company claims that it is rolled twice a day, it will provide 34 years of service without any hassle.
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