Apple launches the world’s thinnest card made by Titanium with no number

At the California-based Steve Jobs Theater, Apple launched Apple Credit, Apple News and Video Streaming as well as Apple Credit Card on its showtime event on Monday. The company added Apple Pay Card with its Wallet service, Apple Pay and better. The company is also offering a credit card software version as well as a physical version. Cardless transactions can be done anywhere in the world via Apple Wallet. Apple’s physical credit card can be used at the same place where Apple Pay or Apple Wallet is not allowed. The company is also offering cashback on card usage.

Through Apple Pay and Apple Cards, the company has set a target of about 10 billion transactions this year. The company has partnered with Goldman Sachs for the Apple Card. Card will be placed in the form of Global Payment Network, so it can be used anywhere in the world.

The software version of the Apple Card has been added to Apple’s Wallet app. This means that users will be able to access and use software cards from their phones only.

Apple’s physical credit card to be launched in the summer of 2019

  1. The physical card is made of titanium. This is the world’s thinnest and lightest credit card. Only the customer’s name will be written on the card. There will be no card number, CVV number or expiry date. The customer will not even have to sign it like normal card.
  2. Apple’s software credit card has been added to Apple Wallet. The user can start using the Apple card as soon as signing up for free on the wallet. Apple software cards can only be used anywhere in the world with the help of the iPhone.
  3. In the Apple card, the user will see their transaction, du amounts and remaining limits. Transactions will be shown according to different categories such as food, utility etc. For any problems related to Apple Card, the user will get 24 * 7 built support.
  4. The Apple Map feature has also been helped to give a better experience to the Apple Card. With the transaction in the wallet, the user will be able to see on which location the transaction is done.
  5. Every day the user will receive a cashback of 2% of the amount spent on transaction from Apple Card. The user will get a 3% cashback on the Apple service, Apple Retail Store or Apple Web Store.
  6. There will be no international fees, late fees or any kind of sign up fees with Apple Credit Card. The card will be completely free for Apple Pay users.
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