Fake Twitter Account, Wing commander Abhinandan, government warns people

Fake accounts have been started on micro blogging site Twitter, named after Wing Commander Abhinanadan from Pakistan. In this regard, the Government of India issued a note on Sunday to alert the people. Mentioning an account in the note said that the tweets made by the name of the Abhinanadan are faked.

Twitter confirmed after the confirmation: In favor of the government @Abhinandan_wc, it has been written that Wang Commander is not a Twitter account of Abhinanadan and they are not related to it in any way. There were more than 2000 followers of this account. Congratulating a tweet from this account and photo of Defense Minister Nirmala Sitharaman was shared, in another tweet he was seen with his family members. Twitter confirmed this account after being confirmed to be a fake.

These fake accounts are made in February-March: Besides this, many fake Twitter accounts are being run in the name of @_pilotiaf, @WC_Abhinandan, @AbhinandnAirFor. Many of these accounts have up to 3,000 number of follower. Most fake accounts are made in February and March 2019. These Twitter handles are being tweeted in Hindi and English as well as in other languages.

Sachin Gill
Sachin Gill

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