First Artificial Intelligence Woman News Anchor Shin Shiomeng

Chinese news agency Xinhua has made its first female news anchor live with the help of Artificial Intelligence. It has been named Shin Shiongeng. This anchor read news for 1 minute during the country’s biggest political meeting ‘to session’ which began in China’s capital Beijing on Sunday. It has been given the shape of the real life anchor Q Meng of Xinhua.

Low production cost

The voice of this virtual anchor, the movement of the lips and the gestures are like the real anchor. During anchoring, small hair like Shin Q appeared in the eyes. Xinhua claims that these artificial news anchors will read the same reports as professional news readers read the news. The cost of production can also be reduced by using it.

Can work 24 hours

Earlier, Xinhua has also made two mail anchors ready with the help of Artificial Intelligence. Shin will work with them. According to Xinhua, these anchors can work for their website and social media channels for 24 hours continuously. It will not cost too much. It will be helpful to periodically read breaking news.

Robot reporter is also working Xinhua

The Chinese search engine ‘Sogo’ plays an important role in creating this virtual anchor. He has invented this technology for Xinhua. According to Xinhua, this virtual anchor is not a robot. This is an animation that looks like a real person. Xinhua is also working on a robot reporter ‘Jia Jia’.

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