Google Trends: Searching of Modi increased in Pakistan, Indians go to know about what happened in Pakistan on air strikes

Taking revenge for the Pallava attack, the Indian Air Force on Tuesday crossed the LoC and carried out air strikes. After India’s counter-response, its search also increased on Google. Looking at the results of the last 7 days of Google Trends, the search of KeyWords like Surgical Strike, Pulwama, Balakot, Pakistan in India has increased rapidly. At the same time, there has been a surge in the appointment of Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Pakistan.

Google Trends: What did people search in India?

On February 26, India carried out air raids on Jaish’s terrorist bases. After this, Pakistan has searched the most of Pakistan’s Word. After Pakistan, there is a search of surgical strikes, Pulwama and Balacot.

People Balakot, Balakot Surgical Strike, Mirage 2000, Air Force Surgical Strike 2, Balakot Attack, Air Strike, Air Strike Balakot, Balakot Map, Pulwama Air Strike, Balakot from Pulwama, Revenge of Pulwama, Pulwama Attack Video, What did Pakistan say on air strikes, such as searching keywords? Apart from this, Indians also searched about the price of tomatoes in Pakistan.

Modi’s search increased in Pakistan after the attack

According to last week’s results on Google Trends, the search of PM Modi in Pakistan rose after the air raids of India. After the news of India’s air strike in the morning, at 1:30 pm, Modi’s search was the highest in Pakistan. However, after this Modi’s search was reduced again. But on 27th February at 3:30 am, Modi’s search again increased, and 24 hours earlier, India had made air strikes. According to Google Trends, after 1:30 pm in Pakistan, Modi’s search increased and after 6:30 p.m. in the morning decreased.

Worldwide: Modi’s search more than Imran

On the other hand, if the results of Worldwide are seen, then Modi is more than the comparison of Imran. During the last week, Modi’s search was highest on February 26 and the same day Imran Khan’s search also increased.

Modi’s search has been the most sought after in America, Singapore, Canada and UAE. While Imran has been in Pakistan in the UK, Saudi Arabia, Australia and UAE after serving Pakistan.

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