Political advertising related information will be made public, Google will know which amount of money the party has spent

During the Lok Sabha elections in April-May this year, Google is going to bring transparency report to bring transparency in online political advertisements, in which the advertisement is being bought on Google platform and how much money is being spent, There will be information about this. According to Google, the online ed library will be launched in March 2019, which will be accessible to ordinary people and view information related to online political advertising in it. Google runs advertisements via its video streaming platform YouTube, search pages, ad senses and ad word.

Verification required to run online advertising
Keeping in mind the Lok Sabha elections, Google has updated the policy of electoral advertising, in which the advertiser will now be required to take pre-certificates from any person authorized by the Election Commission or commission to run an election advertisement on Google’s platform. . Google has said that the process of Verification of advertisers for election advertisement will begin on February 14.

Our responsibility to bring transparency in election advertisement: Google
In India, public policy director Chetan Krishnaswamy said, “In the year 2019, more than 85 crore people are going to cast their votes and therefore it is our responsibility to bring transparency in the election advertisement and to give them information related to election.”
He said, “We support democratic processes across the globe including India, so we are bringing more transparency in online election advertisements and helping people understand better the electoral process.”

Expected to spend 14,281 crores on digital advertising this year
According to the Dantu Aegis Network, which reports on the expense of digital advertising, currently online advertising costs 10,819 crores, which is 17% of the advertising industry. In 2019, this expenditure is expected to increase to Rs 14,281 crore, which will be 31.9% of the advertising industry’s total expenditure.

Fasubuk has also done preparation for election campaign
Before Google, Facebook also made changes in its advertising policy keeping in view the Lok Sabha elections in India. Facebook will create an online library for electoral ads from February, in which the advertisers will have full details, along with the advertisements they give, they will also have to give their evidence.
Under the new policy, to give electoral advertisement on Facebook, a copy of the issued card will need to be issued by the government, along with information about the location. Apart from this, election advertisements can not be run outside the country. In addition, Facebook will store political advertisements in the Ed library for up to 7 years so that they can be accessed and viewed later on.

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