BSNL will provide data service via SMS, hand mixed with French firm

State-run telecom firm BSNL has recently partnered with a French company Be-Bound. Now BSNL will deliver data service through SMS in areas with weak signal and No Internet connectivity. The two companies signed on a business partnership agreement related to jointly serving India in the past.

BSNL Chairman and Managing Director Anupam Srivastava said, “We were trying to develop SMS based data connectivity, only then we came to know that Be-Bound has already developed such technology and has its patent.” He said that this technique is very effective in areas where Internet connectivity options are not available.

This technology will be embedded in the mobile application. In the event of missing SMS based data connectivity, the app will also send commands to the Be-Bound server. Becker’s Country Manager, Harkarn Singh Sachdev, said, “After receiving the command from the app, the Be-Bound server will provide SMS connectivity to the device. The app will also send messages to the user’s account for this connectivity. It will be included in sending and receiving messages for connectivity. ‘

Harkarn Singh has said that we know that the user has a limit of 100 messages daily and so many messages will be enough. The company has already launched its SMS Based Internet Service in France and it is also being tested in some countries of Africa. Sachdev said that we are continuously improving this service keeping in view of its positive side.

How will this technology work?
To run the Internet, we have to send and receive data patch (portions of data), which appear as up and down speed when mobile data is turned on. In the absence of a normal Internet service, these data will be sent and received from the patch, with the help of SMS. In this case, you have to send several messages and receipts too.

Data of all basic apps like Maps, News, Stocks, Twitter and Wikipedia etc. will be transmitted through SMS, so you will not need to have a separate internet connection. Although the data of all heavy websites can not be sent via SMS, hence their basic or light version will look.

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