Uber copter service will start from 9th July, minimum 14 thousand rupees rent

Three years ago Uber had announced to launch Uber Elite (Flying Taxi) service, the air taxi was not started, but the company is going to start its ‘Uber Copter’ service from July 9. According to media reports, this service will be introduced in New York City first. The benefits will be first of all those members of Uber Reward, who have Platinum and Diamond Status. According to the company, the cost per person will be between 14 thousand and 16 thousand rupees.

According to the report, initially the Uber Cooper will fly between the already fixed route. This will fly between Kennedy Airport from Manhattan’s Staten Island Ferry. Uber Copter will set this distance in 8 minutes. Although the company has not officially confirmed the service, but according to the reports, the flight will accommodate two pilots with 5 people, which will be operated by Hiliflitt Charter Service.

In 2016, the company announced that they would also start the ride sharing service for the sky. After this, Uber also introduced the concept model of his flying car.

According to The Verge’s report, Uber’s Air Taxi Aircraft will be very similar to Plane and Helicopter in many ways. The four rotor fitted in it raises the plane above the ground while landing, while the fifth rotor plane in the tail moves forward. Even if a rotor fails it will not make any difference, even then it will make safe landing. It will be an electric aircraft, which will be able to fly from one to two thousand feet altitude.

The company hopes to start its AirTaxi service by 2023. Uber has also made a Space Act agreement with NASA, under which new air taxi control system will be built which will manage the flights of these low-flying hybrid cars. The company has also signed an agreement with the US Army for its aircraft testing.

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