China’s students put robot to do homework, internet admire

Homework is a job that hardly a child likes. Many times this work becomes very prolonged, tedious and boring. Especially then, when homework is related to copying. A Chinese student surprised everyone because they were doing homework on their own with the help of a robot now. He bought this robot for $ 120 and so far the robot was doing his homework.

According to a report, the 15-year-old student bought a robot for himself by saving money from the presenters of his Lunar New Year (Chinese New Year). Robot can copy his writing and thus the responsibility of homework has also come on the robot. Whether to copy a paragraph from the text book or write a essay. This robot makes everything fast. Robot completed homework so early that the student’s mother was astonished because she did not know about Robot’s help.

The news of this ‘smart work’ soon caught the mother and she came to know that the child is taking the help of robot for homework. The machine was written on the package, ‘can copy all kinds of writing.’ With the help of a machine with a robotic arm and a metal frame, the mother broke this robot after learning about homework. Many people believed that the girl was cheating while many admired her efforts and believed that she was smart.

If you do not know, then in China schools, children are given homework like child características and copying text. It aims to introduce thousands of Chinese characters to the children and teach them how to read and write well. Not only this, many times students have to get the textbook chapters as punishment for writing on copy. Questions have been raised on this method of copying in many parts of the world.

Sachin Gill
Sachin Gill

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