Scientist will be able to see aliens spaceships by looking at the trails made of radiation in space.

Scientists believe that if there is such an advanced Alien civilization in the universe, which drives its starship with the energy of radiation of black hole. So they can get proof of their being from the Gamma telescope. According to Kansas State University mathematician Louis Crane, where such spaceship passes through, passing through them leads to a path of gamma rays. Astronomers can trace such a way by using gamma telescope.

In this case, the aliens will also use the energy of the black hole, which is considered to be the largest reserves of energy. In this way, civilization can create a radiation-driven starship from small black holes. In such a situation, they can leave the proof of their existence in space for us.

Gamma telescope can be traced with radiation trail

According to the theory of mathematician Louis Crane, if a spaceship is getting energy from black hole radiation, then the path that it will run will make a path of gamma rays. In his research paper, Luis has claimed that experts have to use Gamma Ray Telescope to prove this theory. Cranes say that if some advanced civilization has such a spaceship, and if we are 100-1000 light-years (distance traveled by light in a year) in the direction of the beam emanating from this telescope, then now The VHG Gamma Ray Telescope used can detect this beam.

Crane said that many sources of gamma rays have been discovered in the Universe before, which have no natural cause. In future, it can be detected by the Space Telescope that these gamma rays are not coming from any artificial source.

Energy reserves are black holes
Concept of black hole’s energy-driven spaceship was first introduced in the form of science fiction in 1970. But according to the crane, the black hole is a huge reservoir of energy. Scientists believe that aliens can extract as much power as possible from black holes, and advance aliens can also make themselves black holes. It will take a lot of time for humans to build such technology, so if some aliens are traveling in such a starship, then they will be far ahead of humans.


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