Airtel reduced call rate, Bangladesh 2.99 And for Nepal Rs 7.99 Per minute

Bharti Airtel today announced the new ISD call rates for Bangladesh and Nepal. Now customers will be able to call at 2.99 rupees in Bangladesh and at Rs 7.99 per minute in Nepal. Earlier, the rate of calling in Bangladesh was 12 rupees per minute and the rate of calling in Nepal was 13 rupees per minute.

Calling rates fall by 40%
Now the call price for Bangladesh will be just Rs 2.99 per minute, which was earlier Rs 12 per minute. Call rates have thus been reduced by 75%. Similarly, for calling in Nepal now, the charge will be charged at the rate of 7.99 per minute. This new call rate is about 40% less than the previous call of 13 rupees.

New ISD call rates, which are available for Airtel prepaid mobile users at the moment, are the most economical in the industry and will not have to buy additional ISD packs to call in Bangladesh and Nepal. Airtel Mobile customers can now take advantage of the most competitive ISD tariff with their regular recharge packs and bundles.

Bharti Airtel’s COO, Ajay Puri said, “The new calling rates of Airtel will make tariffs easier and will eliminate the need of special ISD packs for calling in these neighboring countries. Airtel retail and business customers will get the benefits of this cut in rates.


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