Apple Smartwatch saved the young man’s life in the restaurant, knowing the danger of being a heart attack through notification

Apple Watch Series 4 is now also working to save lives. A recent case was reported in the US, in which the user of Apple Smartwatch 4, sitting in the restaurant, got irregular heart beats notification, which saved her life during the time. Now, aware of this, the people of US, Europe and Hong Kong are using this smartwatch to know the ECG (electrocardiogram) sitting at home.

What is the matter …
The first case came to light in the US when a user of Apple Smartwatch Series 4, sitting in the restaurant, received notification of irregular heartbeat. Artificial fibrillation is a deadly and incurable disease, which causes cardiovascular disease. Many people do not know the disease because they do not recognize their symptoms in time. The irregular heartbeat notification feature coming in Apple Smartwatch keeps an eye on heartbeats, this feature alerts the user to the user through notification if the irregular heartbeat is found so that the doctor can get help in time.

California’s MD and ophthalmologist Tommy Korn said through a tweet that being a doctor, it is very easy to find a user’s artificial fibrillation by using AppleWatch 4 instead of looking for an ECG machine in the restaurant.

Sachin Gill
Sachin Gill

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