Google Chrome will come in ‘Never Slow Mode’, get fast browsing experience

Google is working on some new features in its Chrome browser and can be added to the browser shortly. The company recently added password checkup chrome extension. Now the browser can also be given the lookalike URLs feature. It is being said that the search engine is working on Google’s new Never Slow Mode, which gives Chrome users a better and fast browsing experience. This feature will resource resource loading and runtime processing which will make web pages load faster.

A spat on Chromium Gerrit has been stated in a commit, ‘It is an experimental mode that will reload the resource loading and runtime processing and give a fast browsing experience’. However, Google has agreed that it can ‘break the content’. This new mode can also reduce memory usage, though it will not have much effect. The commission has written the date on October, 2018, but the company has recently updated it. It has also been labeled PROTOTYPE-DO NOT COMMIT.

This comma explains how the new mode will work. The text says, “At the moment it blocks large scripts, sets a budget for several resource types (scripts, fonts, CSS, images), turns off document.write (). It buffers the resource set without ~ CHECK ~ Content-Length ~ CHECK ~. Budgets are reset after interaction. Long scripts are paused to the next interaction. For the time being, when this feature can be released, it has not been informed.

Google has recently come up with an extension which is designed for account protection. Password Checkup is a new Chrome extension, which states that the user name or password you entered on a site has not been tampered with or processed. If this happens then this tool also gives the user the warning and related information related to changing his password. Google says that with the help of this Pro-Active Safety Tool, the hacking risk decreases by up to 10 times.

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